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Beginner Irish Crochet

Beginner Irish Crochet Video Tutorial.

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Beginner Irish Crochet

Course description.

The beginner's video tutorials include over 20 hours of step-by-step video lessons that teach you the stitches needed to start Irish crochet and written instructions for more then 80 different motifs (flowers, leaves, buttons, cords), and projects. If you do not understand any part of the tutorials, you can contact your instructor to answer all your questions and help you with projects.


After we will receive your payment we will send you an introductory letter with a password to access the video tutorials. We will send the password within 24 hours after payment. Once your video tutorials have been delivered, you can access your lessons at any time. All necessary written instructions and diagrams for the motifs and projects can be downloaded directly from the lessons.​ All our written instructions are in PDF format, so you need Adobe Reader in order to open and read these files.


If you ever find yourself puzzled and need to ask a question​ about the written instructions or videos, we also have a Facebook group created just for those who purchased video tuturials. In this group you can ask questions, interact with an instructor and other members, post pictures of your projects. Your instructor will evaluate your work, and will point out on mistakes and how to fix them. To become a member of this group you have to purchase video tutorials. Also, you can schedule a video consultation with your instructor via Skype if you need extra help. Skype/video consultations have to be schedule in advance.


Our video tutorials consists of PDF files and video lessons and are not eligible for return or refund. ​


Sale 50% off

for a limited time.

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Regular Course  price: $250

The course consists of two parts:

Part 1​

In this course you will learn the basics of Irish Crochet Lace,  different varieties of stitches used in traditional and modern Irish Crochet Lace.

You will learn:

- how to crochet roll stitch;

- how to crochet two different variations of clones knot;

- how to crochet over a packing cord, and how to shape motifs using packing cord;

- how to crochet Romanian cord, and how to shape it in different way;

- how to crochet over 80 motifs in Irish Crochet Lace;

- how to crochet button, and different ways you can use this motif;

- you will learn how to crochet motifs from traditional and modern  Irish



Part 2 


- different (11 total) varieties of traditional background netting;

- 22 video lessons in modern irregular background netting with clear

  step-by-step video lessons;

- how to crochet edges in Irish crochet;

- how to make pattern-template for your projects;

​- how to make beautiful projects with clear demonstration, and detailed instructions;​

- finishing techniques for Irish Crochet Lace;

- more motifs for your collection + 60 more will be added to this course;

- how to read diagrams

Total run time of video tutorials: more then 20 hours + written instructions for all motifs, and projects, with detailed step-by-step pictures.


Additionaly I am adding 60 motifs to this tutorials, so the total of motifs will be 140.

Course  price: $250

Why this price


This course is one of a kind and no where will you find a course where the instructor will be available to you if you need help, while you are learning to crochet Irish Lace. You can interact with your instructor every day in the face book group and will evaluate your work to help you to fix your mistakes. In addition you can schedule a live session with your instructor via Skype.


There are only a few instructors in the world who teach Irish crochet, and they won't give you the same amount of time while you are learning. The price you pay other instructors may seem lower, but for the amout of information they give, and time they spend with you, it's really much more expensive.


For example, you could pay around $35 to learn how to crochet three motifs, a few cords and one type of background netting. Compare this to my video tutorials, and I think you'll see that they are a real value. Alternatively, you could pay $100 for a three hour session with an instructor, but you would have to include the cost of traveling to another city and accommodations.  With my video tutorials you can learn much more and spend a lot less! You can learn in a comfort of your home, any time you want. Once you paid it is here for you 24/7.