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My name is Larisa and I am inviting you on a journey - to learn how to make beautiful lace. I will be your instructor and will guide you through video tutorials, one-on-one consultations, and much more.


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Irish Crochet Lab is the key to unlocking your potential.


You can create amazing and luxurious lace with my One-on-One lessons, Workshops or online Video Tutorials.


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Starting August 30 this website will be closed/removed.

If you are a payed member of this website, you can continue with my video tutorials via my private Facebook group (follow the link below to join this group). 

All video lessons, crochet patterns, all information about thread and crochet hooks is available in this Facebook group. Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel to view video tutorials.







This Facebook group will be always available only for payed members. Please do not invite your friends to join this group and do not share the link to the group on social media.

In order to become a member of Facebook group you probably will be asked to provide a copy of your PayPal payment to prove your purchase and membership.

Please understand, it is not an easy decision to close my small business, but due to the current events I cannot continue having this website. You will still have the access to all you payed for, only via Facebook.

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Irish Crochet Lab is an online Irish Crochet Academy - the only online academy in the USA, that teaches traditional

and modern Irish crochet  lace.

Our lessons are easy to follow and your instructor will help you

to succeed.

Depending on you skill level, you can choose your classes and the way you want to learn.

You can progress as fast as you want, or as slowly as you want.

Learn when you have time in a comfort of your home.

Whichever class you will choose, it's up to you, you are in charge of your schedule and learning style.

Irish Crochet Lab Academy Live Video Lessons & Workshops


Learn how to read diagrams and crochet motifs from Japanese book "128 motifs"
128 motifs.jpg


Learn how to crochet motifs from "Masterpieces of Irish crochet lace" book
Masterpieces DMC library.jpg


Workshop. Modern Irish crochet lace, crocheting applique "Asymmetric Rose"

This website is unique in its content and purpose. You will not find the same teaching style and personal one-on-one attention anywhere else.


It is the best and only place where you will receive one-on-one feedback of your work as you learn.


Video tutorials include all the information you need to know in order to start creating your own beautiful Irish crochet lace pieces.

Discover the world of Irish crochet lace: traditional techniques, modern interpretations, and its history.

With these video tutorials you can learn much more and spend a lot less! You can learn in comfort of your home, any time you want. Once you pay it is available for you 24/7.

Together we will make some projects so you have a chance to see the process of Irish crochet.

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Full Online Course with Membership  is $100




Irish Crochet Lab is a unique place where you will find information needed to learn Irish crochet lace. The goal of this website is to teach both traditional and modern Irish crochet. 


My Video Tutorials will teach you basics of traditional Irish crochet lace and will prepare you for more advanced lessons in Irish Lace. In addition you will learn modern interpretation of Irish crochet.


How to crochet basic crochet stitches is all you need to start my video tutorials. If you are new to crochet but want to learn Irish crochet lace, then learn how to crochet first.


On the Stitch Library page I offer detailed video instructions that will guide you step by step on how to crochet all basic stitches that are used in traditional and modern Irish crochet.


So equip yourself with thread and crochet hooks, and let's take a tour into the world of Irish crochet lace.

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