Abbreviations & Symbols
beg -- begin/begins/beginning
bpdc -- back post double crochet
bpsc -- back post single crochet
bptr -- back post treble crochet
CC -- contrasting color
ch(s) -- chain(s)
ch-- - refers to chain or space previously made (i.e. ch-1 space)
ch sp(s) -- chain space(s)
cl(s) -- cluster(s)
cm -- centimeter(s)
dc -- double crochet (singular/plural)
dc dec -- double crochet 2 or more stitches together, as indicated
dec -- decrease/decreases/decreasing
dtr -- double treble crochet
ext -- extended
fpdc -- front post double crochet
fpsc -- front post single crochet
fptr -- front post treble crochet
g -- gram(s)
hdc -- half double crochet
hdc dec -- half double crochet 2 or more stitches together, as indicated


inc -- increase/increases/increasing

lp(s) -- loop(s)
MC -- main color
mm -- millimeter(s)
oz -- ounce(s)
pc -- popcorn(s)
rem -- remain/remains/remaining
rep(s) -- repeat(s)
rnd(s) -- round(s)
RS -- right side
sc -- single crochet (singular/plural)
sc dec -- single crochet 2 or more stitches together, as indicated
sk -- skip/skipped/skipping
sl st(s) -- slip stitch(es)
sp(s) -- space(s)/spaced
st(s) -- stitch(es)
tog -- together
tr -- treble crochet
trtr -- triple treble
WS -- wrong side
yd(s) -- yard(s)
yo -- yarn over

Crochet Symbols in Japanese Crochet Books

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Other Crochet Symbols
Stitch Conversion Chart
Old term
Modern term

Single stitch


Plain, (double crochet)


Half treble




Double treble


Long treble crochet

Slip stitch (sl st or ss)


Single crochet (sc)


Half double crochet (hdc)


Double crochet (dc)


Triple crochet (trc or tr)


Double treble (dtr)

Crochet Symbols from Russian Diagrams
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