Hi! I am Larisa.

Originally I am from Ukraine, but I have lived in the sunflower state -  Kansas- for 19 years. I am a stay-at-home mom, dog owner, and passionate crocheter of Irish Lace. 

I was a teacher of physics and math, but always was fascinated by fashion. As a college student I was invited to a local art center to teach youths courses in knitting, crochet, and macrame. I had a wonderful time teaching young ladies not only the skills of knitting crochet, and macrame, but how to create outfits, home decorations, and gifts.

If you are ready to make Irish crochet lace, I am here for you.


I am dedicated to creating the finest learning experience possible and sharing everything I know about making Irish crochet lace.  With my video tutorials  you will learn how to create high quality Irish crochet fabric and use this knowledge in creating your own unique outfits.


Each course will be led directly by me, someone with many years of teaching experience. I will be working with you throughout the course, helping you to excel.



About your Instructor                  


I strongly believe that anyone can learn how to make Irish crochet.


If you are patient and enjoy making detailed, handmade work, then this course is for you.


It is very important not to lose the essence of traditional Irish crochet. At the same time we cannot underestimate the modern technique. I would like to keep these traditions alive and teach them to others and discover new techniques and methods.          

We are all different and we learn in many different ways. This is why I  have created written, step-by-step photos and video lessons.


You will learn gradually, from easy to more complex patterns and projects.



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