June 15, 2016

Newly updated Irish Crochet Lab.  Some changes were made to my video tutorials. Before all video lessons and written instructions (crochet patterns) were sold as one course.  Teaching this course for almost 3 years, and listening to many of my customers, I divided the...

June 7, 2016

Hello everyone. My website has a new look. Please visit:
There are some changes to my  website and to the Video Tutorials.

First, the name Beginner Irish Crochet Video Tutorials is changed to Irish Crochet Video Tutorials. The reason for...

June 1, 2016


‐ an experience in making Irish crochet is required before you can maintain
regularity in stitches;
‐ stitches of background netting (also known as “grounding”) and motifs
must be crochet close and evenly; stitches should be uniform, close and
‐ tight stitche...

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