Crochet hooks. What kind to use? Where to buy? And more.......

                                Hook conversion chart​


                US                 English               Metric (mm)​


             1                           3/0                           3
                 2                           2/0                           2.5
                 3                           1/2                
                 4                            1                             2
                 5                          1 1/2
                 6                            2                             1.75
                 7                           2 1/2                        1.5
                 8                            3                             1.25
                 9                            4                              1
                10                           5                              0.75
                11                           5 1/2                      
                12                           6                              0.6
                13                           6 1/2
                14                           7                              0.5
                15                           7 1/2                       0.45   ​​
Clover hooks

For Irish Crochet Lace we recommend to use steel hooks made by Japanese company Clover.


You can purchase them separately, or as a set. 


They come in variety of sizes, but for Irish Crochet Lace you will need hooks # 0.5mm; 0.6mm; 0.75mm; 0.9mm (hooks 1mm; 1.25mm; 1.5mm; 1.75mm also can be used, but the lace will be heavier and thicker).


This is the finest hooks you can buy and they are our favorite hooks to work with. The hooks 0.5 and 0.6 are recommended to use for background mesh (netting), sizes 0.75 and 0.9 are used to crochet motives, and sizes 1 and  1.25 are good for crocheting cords. The rest sizes are used rare. You  can use bigger hooks if you would like to make a coat or a jacket, and of course using thicker thread or fine yarn.

Clover hooks come in two different styles: one with flat handles (picture above), and with more rounded colorcoded handles but as comfortable as flat handles (picture on the right).


Both styles can be purchased at JoAnn, Hobby Lobby stores. Clover hooks are available on, ebay, and other online storer. Just type in the search box - "Clover steel crochet hooks", and choose the store with the best price.

Tulip Etimo Steel Crochet Hook Set

There is one more company from Japan that makes very good crochet hooks, and it is "Tulip Brand". They  come as a set in its own case with scissors, tapestry needles, and a measuring tape. They are very easy to use when crocheting a background mesh. ​

The biggest advantage of the Tulip Etimo hooks is the elastomeric comfort grip. They are very comfortable, functional and durable. They have a soft smooth cushy feel and fits perfectly in a hand. These hooks  are crocheter's dream. 

You can purchase Tulip crochet hooks at 



Other crochet hooks

Click on the images below to see what else is available

Knit Pro crochet hooks
Micro hooks

Micro hooks are very small. They are extremely fine and are great for finest crochet lace with finest thread.

They come in three sizes: 0.35; 0.4; and 0.45mm.

Here are few companies, where  you can purchase micro hooks:

Aura Crystals


Kloeppel Shop

Micro hooks are used for crocheting smallest motifs but mainly BN (background netting). Those hooks require a lot of practice in order to achieve good results.

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