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Love all the videos. They're so easy to follow and with the written directions and your video's everything just "clicks". Thank you so much for sharing your know how!!



"Your work is exquisite! I just finished my first tutorial and I love the outcome. Your videos and customer service are outstanding. I love the attention to detail that your motifs bring. I have learned so much from just one video, and I can't wait to try another one. I encourage anyone who is interested in Irish Crochet to check out the Irish Crochet Lab!"




Thank you so much. You are such a good teacher. I am excited to crochet more.




"​I like that your videos are so detailed. You show

every step and don't leave out - that's what a videos

should do. I can't tell you how many times I've

bought video and been a little disappointed because

they leave little things out. You are doing a great job!"




"​Bravo! Very good videos. Thank you so much.

This has helped me to understand the patterns as

I follow along with you. I appreciate the attention to

details. This is rarely seen in most videos and you

make it so easy to follow. I"m looking forward

to learning more."




What a wonderful website. Great customer service. Every time you have a questions about patterns, or  if you do not understand something, you can ask a questions. They answer right the way. Very helpful. Video tutorials that come together with patterns are so helpful, they show you how to crochet the pattern. Nothing is left out. Excellent job!!!​





I appreciate the care with which you are teaching all the steps to learn this wonderful crochet. I'm always waiting for more lessons. grateful.





I love how you are teaching the traditional techniques.. Thanks so much for doing your part to keep the traditional alive.. I'm absolutely thrilled to bits to see this.. and i would also like to add that your work is even neater than some of the traditional expensive Irish crochet pieces.. I'm an amateur myself..just learning this amazing craft.. but i have to say if i was to learn from anyone.. I'd love to learn from you!! ​




I could not believe my eyes when we found your

instruction videos. THANK YOU SO MUCH for

teaching it in such a clear, step by step manner.

I have learnt more in one video than all the pre-

vious advice from others. You are so kind, clear,

considerate, and professional. It feels as if we

are sitting together, crocheting, just wonderful.

And THANK YOU for teaching the most beautiful

work like ferns, leaves, flowers, we LOVE it!

Truly a site with great value.Thank you!




I just ordered my Beginner Video Tutorial.

Wonderful. Great website and very good lessons.

Attention to details this is what  is so important.

I was trying to crochet Irish lace  for many years,

and nobody ever told me about importance of

crocheting tight. As a result my lace was never a satisfactory. Now just few lessons with you and I learned so much. Motifs that you teach are lovely, and I love love  love to have it all here in one website. Customer service outstanding. If you have a question the answer is on its way almost in seconds.




I ordered  Beginner Video Tutorial  last month. I am thrilled!!!  This video tutorial is the best I have ever came across. Your tutor is showing every detail, something that is not found in any lessons I used before. I love the way she teaches Irish Crochet.




 I am so glad I found this website. ​Thank you so much   for your videos tutorials. I have been crocheting for years but your instructions are very clear and easy to follow. I can crochet along with you and following what you say is so clear. Thank you again.





I believed that I know how to crochet Irish lace.  I went to all workshops in the world, everything I could find to learn, and was confident that I know it all. After purchasing video tutorials for beginners in Irish crochet, I realized that I  knew so little. ​Video tutorials from Irish crochet lab are the best. Attention to details, a lot of important advice, and neatness in crochet, makes you to want to crochet  better.


Sabrina, Germany​



















Beginner Video Tutorials are great. Thorough and clear explanations. Very easy to follow. This is the only website that is dedicated to Irish Crochet and it is fabulous. 


Maria, Spain



After reading the wonderful reviews concerning customer service and the quality of the lessons, I ordered the video tutorials (and at a great price too!). The quality of the work featured on your website is exquisite, and I can't wait to start learning.

The lessons are absolutely wonderful! Everything is well explained and easy to follow. In my opinion, the patterns alone are worth what I paid, and the instructional videos are priceless. I will for certain be purchasing the intermediate and advanced videos when they become available! Thank you!!


Regina, Michigan



I have never been more excited before with crochet. I have been buying Russian magazines and wished so much I could understand them and now with these courses I know I can then make all the beautiful items I have seen. Thank you so much and Larisa is so brilliant at explaining and demonstrating. I'm so excited. Thank you!


Mandy, UK



Thank you so much for all the hard work you do to make learning a pleasure. I am a self taught crocheter and have done thread crochet projects from written instructions in the past. Your videos are so helpful and informative. I especially like that I can clearly see every stitch you make and that you explain the reasons for the instructions you give. It allows me to move forward without constantly referencing notes. I know why I am making each section of stitches. It will help me to try free form motifs or adapt parts of other motifs I learn to make them unique. I recently completed the fern leaf following your videos. I was able to finish the "fronds" after the video finished without even once referring back to the video or looking for any further written instructions. This gave me such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction! I am very much looking forward to future tutorials and am especially glad that you will be teaching how to read diagrams. I can't wait to try the vintage trim!


Sincerely, Leta 



I cannot be more than happy. This is the best video

tutorial I 'vet ever seen. Clear explanations,

attention to details this is what I love the most.

I wrote Larisa (Irish Crochet Tutor) that I have

problem with Clones knot stitch, and she scheduled

an appointment on Skype with me. Absolutely free,

she spends time with me till she was sure I

understand how to crochet this stitch, and to see if

I am doing it right. This course is very detailed.

Very good and detailed written instructions, videos

that help so much, and if you ever need help, there

is a real person out there, that actually cares, and

always answer your questions and is willing to help.


Amanda, NY



Your videos are so informative and clear.


Evelina, Ireland



I was very sceptical at first, but I purchased Beginner Vdeo Tutorials anyway. It is the best purhase I've ever made for learning craft like Irish crochet. Video tutorials and written instructions are very clear. Great customer service, and very pleasent voice of a tutor (it was also important for me).


Maria, MO



Awesome I've already learned so much.





Larissa is the best teacher, always ready to help and explain. Tutorials are easy to follow, very detailed and videos are clear. The course itself is very helpful. I'm happy to have it!!!





The best class I've ever had! Very clear and detailed lessons and all the individual attention anyone might want! The ambiance in the group is warm and uplifting, very positive and friendly.





These are the best set of videos and information about Irish crochet that I've come across. I've learned a lot. Well worth the money. Great follow up if you questions.





When I first purchased this class so long ago, I had no idea what was to come. I had seen video tutorials on YouTube, purchased classes from Craftsy, and downloaded countless e-books. But nothing compares to Irish Crochet Lab. You get such a big bang for your buck. Not just the video tutorials, but the one-on-one relationship we have with Larisa, and with each other. No one is ever lost or stuck. She answers every question promptly, even if we get there first. ;) I have learned so much from my peers here, sharing their work to be critiqued and praised in our global "coffee break". Larisa will even Skype you to help you work through a problem. Such a warm friendly, positive environment in which to learn and grow.





What a treasure! Great, easy to follow videos and written instructions.





Excellent instruction by the tutor, brilliant

instruction videos, loads of help and encouragement.

Stacks of material and information, and lots of help

if you get stuck. What can I say EXCELLENT AND



Maria Sowden



Excellent site. The video tutorials are very clear and

Larisa is an amazing teacher.
I'm Irish and have found ICL the best and clearest

method to learn the craft.





The beginner tutorials are absolutely priceless. The amount of written patterns, and projects you receive alone is worth more than the price, and the video tutorials make these lessons a must have for anyone who wants to learn how to make high quality Irish Crochet Lace. The videos are fun to watch, easy to follow, and Larisa's way of explaining things, as well as the gorgeous quality of her work is truly inspirational!





Irish Crochet has always fascinated me but, the antique patterns are confusing and vague. I am pleased to have discovered 'Irish Crochet Lab' the video tutorials are clear and through. The support is outstanding. Once you purchase the videos you enter a community of encouragement and care you are not just left with the videos to figure out. The videos are clear each stitch is shown the pace is slow so you can actually follow as work is done. I am very pleased with the instructions and support given at Irish Crochet Lab





Well worth it! The video tutorials are nothing short of excellent and it seems that your instructor is right there with you as you crochet " together". The very prompt online support is really helpful as well and I think anyone who wants to learn Irish crochet could do so with a purchase of the very reasonably priced video tutorials.




I purchased this course a year ago and I have been so happy about it. Larisa is a talented, patient and most generous teacher and an artist who inspires each one of us.
Through her beautifully explained video lessons, you will learn to crochet motifs, crochet over packing cord (a very important element of Irish Crochet) and finally you will learn to make background netting both conventional and modern. You will have the feeling that she walks you through very gently and sometimes through watching the videos so often, you'll hear her voice in your head guiding you to the next stitch.
Once you complete the course and practice you may be able to do wonderful items and Larisa will bring you to make them in the best quality you possibly can.
So, don't let the title of this course fool you. This is a rather complete Irish Crochet course suitable to rather beginner crocheters to more experienced ones. (some of us in the group have been crocheting only for a few months and some have years of experience)
You'l find help in the Facebook group and support and answers to your questions all of this in the most suitable atmosphere for enhancing the learning process.
Come and join us.
Did I say... "it 's fun" because it is indeed so much fun and so creative and so free.


Genevieve, Israel



The best money I ever have spent for crochet. Lots of videos and all the help I need to learn Irish Crochet. I love it and will for sure buy the next lessons she makes.You will not regret it buying her video tutorials. You get so much for so little amount of money.


Anja, Netherland



Can't say enough about our Caring and Talented teacher. Irish Crochet Lab is the very best dollars I have ever spent. This sweet place takes me farther than I ever dreamed I could go...





If you always wanted to learn Irish Crochet but didn’t know how or where to start, look no further, because in my humble option; you will not find a better place online guaranteed, the video tutorials offered at "irishcrochetlab dot com" are professional and are the best instruction I have ever received and the attention to detail is impeccable.
You won’t just learn Irish Crochet but you will learn to create it as well! Irish Crochet Lab has a very active group as well, with lot of support and encouragement for those who buy the course and Larisa personally answers every question you may have.
I have taken a number of video courses over the years and I have to say… this is the very best course I have ever had the privilege to take! Come join us in the fun, you won’t be sorry. See you in the Lab.


June, Tennessee



A few years ago, I had decided to learn to make Irish Crochet Lace. I had made Thread Crochet since I was a little girl, so I thought I could learn from from the Antique books. I struggled to make sense of the patterns, and the end results were not pleasing at all. I searched the Internet and was lucky enough to find Irish Crochet Lab. I was immediately and immensely impressed by the quality of the Irish Crochet Lace featured on the website. I purchased the full set of beginner lessons, and I can honestly say, it was the best purchase I have ever made. With Larissa's lessons and guidance I have made beautiful heirloom quality Irish Crochet Lace ranging from small pillows, home decor peices, purses, collars, jewelry and even clothing! Not only does Larissa teach you the best and beautiful ways to make motifs, she teaches about composing the motifs, and how to make many Background Nettings in different ways. She nurtures your own unique creativity, and is always sharing inspiration with us, whether it comes from Nature or straight off the Runway. In addition to all of this, she teaches us how to compose color themes for our projects. I also didn't sew before these lessons, but with the information Larissa shares about sewing, and even pattern drafting, I am no longer intimidated by my sewing machine. Lol. I have learned so much, and I know I will continue learning. Larissa is a thorough, thoughtful and dedicated instructor. No information or detail is left out, from being able to read antique patterns, reading diagrams, and knowing which materials to use, and where to purchase them. In my opinion, and experience, this course is a necessity for those seeking to make truly beautiful Traditional and Modern Irish Crochet Lace.


Regina, Michigan



I met Larisa a few years ago in college while I was looking to prove hand made lace was no longer created. So imagine my shock when I find not only is it still done but I could also take a class on it. I purchased the online lessons right away. I was so happy to really get a good understanding of thread and hook size and started creating motifs right away. Then I was able to talk Larisa into coming to do a seminar in Denver CO. Her class was really amazing and her skill and knowledge unsurpassed. She really has taken the time to completely understand this art. I am so grateful for these classes and our friendship. I can't recommend a better teacher.


Jeanette, Denver, Colorado



I’ve absolutely loved this course it has gorgeous patterns great instructions and videos and helpful critiques to improve your crochet when you post work in the group!


Kate, Texas



About 2 years ago I begun learning Irish Crochet, but got stuck very soon. Then I got lucky to find this unbeleavable online course, which has turned out a never ending gold mine of learning, advice, help, inspiration, encouragement. I didn't think about giving up any more. With this course progress is granted! I have already learned a lot in this short time through videos, written instructions and much, much more that expects you in this course. I am up to not only making motifs, background knitting, but also working with beads, sewing, creating my own little accessoires up to wardrobe. Larisa is a very talented artist and also a very good teacher, warmhearted and always there for any kind of question and help. Course comes with consultation in a Facebook group, a place I wouldn't want to miss anymore, as it has become some kind of a family to me. There is always something new... the never ending story for me... and the best purchase and decision I ever made! Thank you, Dankeschön, Grazie, Go raibh maith agat...


Anke, Germany



I've been doing the tutorials for about 4 months now and have only done tutorials 1 and 3 so far. They are fantastic. They show you exactly what to do, step-by-step, to start to make amazing creations. I'd never have thought I would be able to do many of the projects, but Larissa explains them so clearly. I love being able to create the delicate pieces.


Stephany, UK


Best money I've ever spend. When I started the course I could barely crochet. With the gentle guidance of the very talented Larisa, I managed to make several Irish Crochet Lace items. The videos are so clear and very easy to understand. When in doubt, Larisa helped me in the right direction. I would recommend this course to anyone with a desire to learn the art of Irish crochet lace.


Izebelle, South Africa


While I was searching for a How to's on Irish Crochet, I stumbled upon Larisa’s site and thinking I've got nothing to loose but gain a few stitches. I was pleasantly surprised with support system Larisa has created. Whether through videos, pdf’s, photos, prompt with replies also.
She is super talented & creative, personable yet direct, patient, former teacher and years of experience in Irish Crochet/knit, with her guidance I was able to finish few projects of my own. With that being said I'm extremely satisfied that I made the right choice. Thank you Larisa for all your help!!


Kiwi, Nevada

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