Hello and welcome to a Demo page.


This is a Demo page only and shows a few video tutorials from more than 30+ hours of video tutorials and written instructions. 


When you purchase our Video Tutorials, you will have full access to all videos, crochet patterns to all motifs and written instructions to all projects. In addition, you will be invited to join a Facebook group - "Irish Crochet Lab. Video Tutorials", where you will have access to your instructor to ask questions, receive advice and share what you are crocheting with other members of the group.


Please take a look at these few lessons. Pictures below are active links. Click on the photo and it will redirect you to a video lesson. 

1. Reading diagrams
2.Crochet motif, following the diagram.
3. Crochet motif
This is one of the examples of the tutorials that shows you how to learn reading diagrams. 
In this video you will learn how to crochet this motif, following the given diagram. This motif is crochet over the packing cord. 
Click on the photo above to view short fragment from the video tutorial linked to the one of a crochet patterns (PDF files).
This motif has long crochet pattern, step-by-step pictures and detailed video tutorials to complete this motif. 

Crochet patterns


Every single motif (flowers, leaves) and each project that is a part of the Video Tutorials is presented in a form of a PDF file. You can download those files or print them to keep in a 3-ring binder. All crochet patterns are available in an online classroom to view, print or download. Each pattern consists of detailed step-by-step photos, detailed instructions and video links to complete the motif.


Here are few examples of crochet patterns to see.


                                                                    Click on the buttons below to see crochet patterns. 


What we do in the Facebook group "Irish Crochet Lab. Video Tutorials"?


Our Facebook group has a very important role in learning process. It is the place, where you can interact with your instructor, ask questions, post pictures of your progress to be evaluated by your instructor. If you ever need advice or help, you are never alone. In this group you will always find help, encouragement and support from your instructor and and members of the Forum. This group is continuation of the Video Tutorials but in a virtual setting, where you will learn to read diagrams, new patterns, how to choose colors for your project, how to create good composition of your motifs to create beautiful lace, and discuss other valuable information about Irish Crochet Lace.

Few examples of video tutorials from the Facebook group

that are not part of the Video Tutorials. 

Button with bullion stitches. 

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