Online Workshop  "Collar"

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What to expect  &  and how it works

This is live online workshop. 
We will meet in the Facebook group setting. All lessons will be once a week. Your instructor will go live every Thursday with instructions, discussions, answering questions. Other days of the week you will crochet your motifs, and complete your homework. 


What if I cannot join live lessons on Thursday?


It is not important to join every Thursday. If you miss live sessions, you can watch them later at convenient for you time. Everything that you missed will be saved for you in the Facebook group and you can get all information later.           



You will learn two techniques (traditional and modern) in one workshop making one project. We will crochet traditional and modern Irish crochet combination.
After you make a payment,  you will  receive access to Facebook Group, where you will meet with your instructor live and via correspondence. In the group you can post photos of your progress (if you wish) and receive feedback on the quality of your work from your instructor.

 This workshop is unique - no traveling required, learn in a comfort of your home  and be in charge of your learning schedule. 

You can join workshop at any time during the workshop. November 1 is just a starting day, and then you can begin at your pace since all lessons will be recorded and saved.





Q: What is a skill level of crochet for this project?

Q: Can I change the style and design of this collar?

Q: Can i use different motifs for the project?



Q: What materials are needed for this project?













Q: How much thread to buy?


& Answers

A: intermediate/advanced,but beginners are welcome too)   


A: yes, I always encourage my students to learn the technique but create a different design of the project. So you are welcome to make collar V-shape, or U-shape, or whichever you prefer.

A: yes, you can use different motifs if you want, but I will teach only how to crochet motifs that you see on the photo of the project. I may add extra motifs for you to choose from, but I will not discuss and show how to crochet motifs you chose


A: crochet hooks 0.35; 0.4; 0.45 or 0.5mm for background netting;

     crochet hooks 0.6; 075mm for motifs;

     crochet hook 1mm for some cords.

     Crochet thread: you can use any of these brands

     DMC Cordonnet Speciale, Lizbeth, or Presencia Fincrochet.
     thread weight: #80- 100 for background netting;  

                                  #50 - 60 for motifs;

                                  #10 for padding cord


thread choice is very personal. I prefer Presencia Fincrochet. It is 3 ply and a little softer, but it is recommended for lace and it is perfect for making Irish crochet lace. But DMC thread or Lizbecth (6-ply) is also very good.

A: It is hard to say how much thread to get, because different brand has different amount of thread in 1 ball. But here are approximately what you can get:

             1 ball of thread #80-100 (for the background netting);

             1 ball of thread #10 (for padding cord or other cords);

             3 - 5 balls o thread ##50-60 (for motifs).

But it is always better to get more thread in case you want to crochet complementary accessories for this collar.     


Thread recommendations are given for Presencia Fincrochet thread.

For more information about different thread brands and sizes, and how to use it for Irish crochet lace, visit page "Materials".


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