In order to make Irish crochet lace, you need not only a good quality of crochet thread, and crochet hooks. There are more items are needed to create this beautiful lace.

When all motifs are crochet, you will have to connect these motifs with background netting. Additional tools that are used in
traditional Irish crochet are different from tools that are used in modern Irish crochet.


All tools you will need to use for both techniques are listed below. Also, there are the links to the online stores, where you can find the tools, or instructions how to make them.

Tools for making traditional Irish crochet lace.

To make traditional Irish crochet lace you will need:


1) canvas (this fabric is used as a tool to keep netting the right shape). It is needed to keep all your motifs in place. You will festen the motifs on the canvas  and only then you will connect them with netting.


Choose canvas that is thick and in solid color. It is best to use a little darker color if you will use ecru and white thread (easier on your eyes).


Here, where you can purchase canvas:

Online Fabric Store (this is also an online store that I used before and like a lot).


Canvas is also available in Hobby-Lobby, JoAnn craft stores, or other fabric and craft stores. 


You will also need sewing needles, small craft scissors.

Tools for making modern Irish crochet lace.

To make  modern Irish crochet you will need: 


1)  Padding board. This is something you have to make. Press the button below to print PDF file, where you will find more about how to make the padding board.






On the picture on the left there are padding boards of different sizes. At first make two (one with styrofoam and the other with polyfoam) to see what you like better - styrofoam or polyfoam.



2) Pins - the next and very important tool, without which it is impossible to crochet background netting in Modern Irish Crochet Lace, and you will need a lot of pins. 100? 200? How many? Go for 500.


Choose pins with the smallest head. Here are the pins that I recommend - "Glass Head Pins".


You can purchase them in all craft stores, online or JoAnn store, or Hobby-Lobby.


And it is very important - make sure that pins have very small heads. It is easier to work with pins that have small heads.


Other tools for making Irish crochet lace.

Click on the images below to see what else is needed for making Irish Crochet Lace.

Each image is an active link that will take you to a different website, where you can purchase the item recommended here.

Knit Pro crochet hooks

Small jewelry pliers are needed to help you with the needle pulling through the tight places, when weaving the thread inside the motifs.

Knit Pro crochet hooks

Stitch markers are necessary to protect your stitches from unraveling, when leaving your crochet work unattended.

Knit Pro crochet hooks

Magni-Clips Magnifiers are very helpful, when working with finest thread and hooks. It is easier to see stitches and en entire crochet. It comes in different magnification.

Knit Pro crochet hooks

Click on the image to go to the website, where you can purchase knit picker.

Knit picker is a very important tool for making perfect boollion stitches. Watch this short video tutorial to see why I recommend this tool.

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