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Project "Potpourri Pillow".

For this project you will need to print written instructions for Irish Rose, and Rose Leaf crochet over the PC ( packing cord), and  writen instructions for netting and how to complete this project.

Irish Rose.
Rose leaves over the PC.
Potpourri pillow.

A note from your instructor


Please, before you start making this project, read through all written instructions, and  watch every video lesson below. This is is important to watch first and get familiar with Irish Crochet technique, take notes if needed, prepare all materials, and only then start your project.

Step 1.
Step 2.
Step 3.
Ooops moment and what to do about it.
Finishing background netting.
Finishing techniques. Decorative edges.

Make the edges even. Crochet: ch8; 1sc into a space of three between two picots. Cut thread #10 for packing cord (60 inches long). Crochet over the packing cord around.

Crochet around the square. Start in the corner of your work. Ch5; trc in the next stitch; *ch2; skip 2 sts; trc into 3-d st. Repeat after * to the end. In the coners crochet: trc; ch2; trc into the next st; ch2; trc into the next st.

Finish the last corner: trc into a stitch where the ch5 begins; ch2; sl st into the 3-d stitch of chain of 5 sts. 

Measure thread #10, 60 inches long, and crochet over the packing cord, and around the square one more time. 

Crochet scallops following the written instructions.