Presencia Finca Perle Cotton




Finca Perlé is the most popular perlé cotton line in the world with 122 solid colors and 33 variegated colors - more than any other line.
A variety of sizes and put ups (yards per ball) provide the perfect choice for knitting and crochet, punch needle, needlepoint, embroidery, and more.
As with other Presencia threads, Finca Perlé is 100% extra-long staple Egyptian cotton, mercerized for strength, colorfast, bleachfast and shrinkfast.
Finca Perle Cotton is available in sizes 3, 5, 8, 12 and 16.
Made in Spain.

Where to purshace

You can purchase this thread in verious websites by serching on the internet the name of the thread, or you  can
Purchase at   Presencia America:    



                            How to use this thread in Irish Crochet                            

                                             thread weight                        hook size                        what to crochet      
                                                       #5                                       1mm                         PC( packing cord)
                                                      #8                                0.75 - 0.9mm                         motifs
                                                     #12                               0.5 - 0.6 mm                     motifs, or BC
                                                                                                                                 (baclground netting)
                                                     #16                              0.35 - 0.5mm            BC (background netting
                                 Finca Perle Cotton #3 can be used for PC;  #5 can be used for PC, motifs  and cords.