Some advice on a quality of crochet for Irish Crochet Lace

June 1, 2016


‐ an experience in making Irish crochet is required before you can maintain
regularity in stitches;
‐ stitches of background netting (also known as “grounding”) and motifs
must be crochet close and evenly; stitches should be uniform, close and
‐ tight stitches are best;
‐ if your stitches are loose, practice will be necessary to perfect your work
before starting big projects;
‐ packing cord (or padding cord, or just a cord) should never show through
the working stitches;
‐ it is important, when working over the packing cord thread, that each
thread is tightened separately because if all the strands are pulled
together, one may become wrinkled or shown through the stitches;
‐ if you are a beginner, and never used fine thread and fine hooks before,
learn to crochet background netting with thread #20 and hook #1mm, or
1,25mm, and only after you perfected your skill, use fine hooks and fine
‐ never start Irish crochet with big projects, as they are not easy to crochet;
make something small first, and slowly move on to more difficult projects.


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