Irish Crochet Lace. What is Irish Crochet Lace?

June 14, 2016

It is true that Irish Crochet Lace is a luxury. It takes a lot of  time, skill and creativity to make Irish crochet fabric. Even a single motif can be so complex that it will take from 15 minutes to few days to make. 


Irish Crochet Lace is an art. It is not simple lace, and considered the most difficult crochet lace among other crochet lace fabrics. 


There are few ways of making this lace: one,  connecting motifs with crochet hook, crocheting background netting; and second, connecting motifs with needle filling (or also known as background netting).


Finest, light weight and at the same time textured, Irish Crochet lace is very elegant and intricate. 


In order to achieve texture, 3-D effect different weight of thread must be used. Motifs (flowers, leaves, branches, rosettes and cords are made with thicker thread, and filling is made with the finest thread. This creates unique texture of  Irish Crochet fabric. 


Here are only  few examples of this lace. I chose Traditional Irish Crochet Lace pieces from LACIS MUSEUM of LACE & TEXTILES, (Berkeley, California). 




 For more beautiful examples of Antique Irish Crochet Lace visit Lasis webpage


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