Reproduction of antique lace....

January 29, 2017



It is a very beautiful piece of lace that many of you probably saw in an antique Irish Crochet book - DMC Library, 1904.


I had so many times people writing to  me, telling that they are intimidated by Traditional Irish crochet lace.
".... it is so beautiful, but I am afraid to start crocheting this.";

or "... I am crocheting all my life. I  crocheted just about everything, but this!!! No way! I  do not  believe I can crochet this."


Dear friends, I  must admit, it is not easy. Irish crochet lace is the most complicated crochet lace among others, but it is possible to  make. 


Look at these images. My friend and student Michele Ray crocheted these stunning cuffs. She reproduced cuffs from DMC Library book, 1904.


It took Michele 61 hours to complete these cuffs. She used Presencia Fincrochet thread 20 through 80 and crochet hooks 0.4mm through 0.75mm. Motifs are made with thread #50 and hook 0.6mm. For background netting thread #80 and hook #0.4mm.



If you are still not sure if you can crochet Irish crochet lace, and that it is a long way for you to make something like this....,well, here is what Michele's advice: "It will be so satisfying, when you arrive at this place. Trust me, it is worth every step of the journey."


It was the most exciting time for me, as an instructor to see how Michele was arriving to finishing line with this project. I had a chance to follow this project from the very beginning, step-by-step, and want to tell you, that it was the most exciting time to see how from small flowers, leaves and branches it became stunningly beautiful lace fabric that is worthy of a Queen's wardrobe. Well done, Michele!!!



I would be remiss not to mention one more Irish crochet work from Michele. This piece is especially dear to me, because it was sent to me as a gift. I cannot find enough words to express my gratitude and feelings, when I received it in a mail.


Thank you, Michele for such a beautiful gift. It is an honor for me to have something from my student to cherish and keep, and show others this filigree like work of art. Here it is - crochet gloves:




















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