Bullion stitch.

January 29, 2017

Few year ago I  posted a video tutorial, where bullion stitch is made using a hook and a tapestry needle. This method is fantastic and easy, but it is easier to crochet with thicker thread and hook.



When it comes to Irish Crochet Lace, crocheting this stitch becomes the most uncomfortable experience. you can still manage to use small needle with the hook and crochet this beautiful stitch, but crocheting this way do not bring you much satisfaction. Bullion stitch will look very good, but the crocheting process is not very comfortable and enjoyable.  And the reason is in the way steel hooks are made. The neck of a fine crochet hooks are very different from crochet hooks we are using for yarn.  Here is the video tutorial that show you how to make bullion stitch with fine steel hook and a needle:



Recently I purchased knit picker  at JoAnn craft store. I saw many times a video on Youtube, where woman was showing how to crochet bullion stitch with a latch hook and yarn. But latch hook will not work for a fine Irish crochet lace. So, knit picker was that instrument needed for bullion stitch  in finest crochet lace. Knit picker is comparable in size to steel hooks ##0.75 and 0.9mm (somewhere in between). It works perfectly with fine thread like DMC Perle Cotton ##12 and 8.







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