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If you need to learn crochet stitches, or if you need to refresh in your memories how to crochet some of the stitches, here are our Free video lessons, patterns and projects that will show you the basic crochet stitches, and more complex stitches. Just click on the links below, and watch our short videos (each underlined sentence/phrase is an active link to a free lesson)  


Free videos will not teach Irish Crochet Lace. These videos are only for review, or if you want to learn crochet stitches. 


Project #8. Key chain. Video tutorial.







This pattern is only how to crochet heart. How to connect three heart together or how to make small key chain with one heart, or how to sew charms to the hearts is self explanatory. USe your own imagination to make this project. If you have questions, send me an e-mail, or messege in the Chat room that located at the bottom of this webpage (lower right corner).

Project #9. Pin/Applique "Queen of hearts"







This is only crochet pattern. There is no video tutorial for this project. This project will require you to know how to crochet irregular background netting. The complete detailed lessons how to crochet irregular background netting is available through my Video Tutorials, Chapter 8. 

This pproject is complex and is for experianced crocheter. 


If you have questions, send me an e-mail, or messege in the Chat room that located at the bottom of this webpage (lower right corner).



Project #10. "Rose Bud"




Thread used: Presencia FInca Perle #8, color #1975 and #8310;
Crochet hook 0.75mm (but for some of you it will be easier to use hook #0.9mm).

I managed to crochet this rose bud with hook #0.6mm.
You can also use thread #12. Presencia company has the same colors in #12.

The size of this rose bud is 3/4 inches (a little less then 2cm).

Project #11. "Antique Rose"






The rose in this tutorial was inspired from the antique dress. In the dress the rose is not a crochet motif, but embroidered motif, which is unusual to Irish Crochet lace. 

In this tutorial I propose you to discover how with crochet technique you can recreate motif that was embroidered. 

You need to know how to crochet clones Knot stitch, and how to crochet over the PC (packing cord).  Please follow the written instructions. 



Project #12."Background Netting with leaves and picots"





This beautiful background netting is from the Encyclopedia of Needlework by Therese de Dillmont, but it is there only in a picture. 
We propose you our version of this netting and are hopin that you will enjoy it.

Project #13."Background Netting with leaflets and picots"





This background netting was inspired from the previous roject #12. 


Also watch the video tutorials to help you with this a little complicated project.

Video #1:

Video #2:


Please stay tuned to more projects added to this page. 

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