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How You  Will Learn

Recorded Videos





          Each video is a detailed

               "how-to" lesson,                        that helps you follow

       written instructions and

                  for all motifs

                  and projects.

Live Interaction



                 For members only

                  In the Facebook

             group you can ask

      your instructor questions,

     post photos of your progress

     and receive an evaluation

                 of your work.

        You can schedule a video

             consultation via

              Facebook message.







         Access video tutorials

             around the clock

       anywhere and anytime 

                     you need.

       You are in charge of your



Complete Course of Video Tutorials $100

Course Description. 
How to Become a Member. 
The Irish Crochet Video Tutorials are a complete course that consists of 10 chapters, and  includes over 30+ hours of prerecorded step-by-step video lessons, detailed  written instructions (crochet patterns) for 166 different motifs (flowers, leaves, buttons, cords), and lovely projects. If you need help and have a question, you can contact your instructor, who will answer all your questions and help you with projects. All the necessary written instructions and diagrams for the motifs and projects can be downloaded directly from the lessons.​ All our written instructions are in PDF format, so you need Adobe Reader in order to open and read these files.

What you get with Membership:


- you will become a member  of Irish   Crochet Lab;


- you will have access to all 10 chapters;


- you will have live interaction with your instructor via Facebook group (+ video chat by request), or e-mail correspondence;


- you will receive access to detailed video lessons and written instructions to all motifs and how to create Irish crochet lace fabric;
- you will have access to the Facebook group  "Irish Crochet Lab. Video Tutorials" with access to your instructor;
- you will have access to the "Motifs Library" -  an additional set of motifs available for members only


Video Tutorials Complete Course is $100.00

How to order and
how to access your video tutorials.

after the payment is made:

- you will recieve an introductory letter with instructions on how to register as a member, how to "Log In", and how to access the video tutorials;
Once you register we will receive an e-mail about your request to become a member. Membership approval can take 24 hours after the payment. After you receive this approval (via e-mail), you can access the entire course "Irish Crochet Video Tutorials", "Motifs Library" and Facebook group at any time, 24/7.


If you ever find yourself puzzled and need to ask a question about the written instructions or videos, you can go to a Facebook group "Irish Crochet Lab. Video Tutorials" and ask your instructor questions, interact with other members, and post pictures of your projects. Your instructor will evaluate your work and point out mistakes and how to fix them.  Also, you can schedule a video consultation with your instructor via Skype if you need extra help. Please schedule your Skype/video consultations 2 - 5 days in advance.

Video Tutorials Complete Course is $100

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