What The Course Consists of? Table of Contents.
Chapter 2. 
Reading diagrams.  Crocheting motifs by the diagram.

Detailed instructions on how to crochet motifs by using diagrams. Continue crochet motifs for your future projects. Symbols that make a diagram. Crocheting medallions and connecting them together to create lace fabric. Decorative edges.                   

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Chapter 1. 
Most common stitches used  in Irish crochet: Clones knot stitch and roll stitch. Picots. Picot loops. Rings, buttons, bobbles, and flower buds. Small motifs. 
Detailed instructions on how to crochet all stitches and all important elements of Irish crochet.  You will also learn how to crochet motifs and a simple project. Start a collection of motifs for your future projects.
Chapter 3. 
Crocheting over the PC packing cord.

Detailed instructions on how to crocet over the packing cord - one of the most  important elements in Irish crochet lace. Shaping motifs using packing cord.

Chapter 4. 
The door into the past. Traditional Irish Crochet motifs.
You will learn how to crochet motifs using diagrams, clear written instructions, step-by-step pictures, and video lessons. Roses, leaves, grapes, scrolls, fans and shamrocks are the most common motifs in Irish crochet lace. More sophisticated motifs.
Chapter 5. 
Background netting (filling, mesh, trellis, grounding) in traditional Irish crochet.
Important tips on how to crochet the perfect BN (background netting). You will learn 11 differernt fillings for Irish lace. You will make a project, which will be shown in detail throught the recorded videos and learn how to start and finish a project, crochet beautiful edging, and wash Irish crochet lace.
Chapter 7. 
Elements of Modern Irish crochet.

You will learn how different stitches are used in modern Irish crochet to create new designed motifs; buttons and bubbles made differently; crab stitch; the use of Romanian cord; swirls; more motifs for your collection.

Chapter 9. 
Modern Irish crochet. Where tradition meets with modern. 
You will crochet a variety of new motif;  learn how to crochet irregular background netting with Clones knot stitches (unfinished sts).
Project - "Vintage Collar" with beautiful decorative edge. 
Project - purse "Flower's Sonnet". 
Chapter 6. 
Background netting (BN) with a modern twist.

You will crochet a project with clear demostrations throught the recorded video lessons and clear written instractions. Different edging will be introduced. Finishing techniques. You will crochet project - Tea Cozy, using asymmentric BN.

Chapter 8. 
Modern Irish crochet. Irregular background netting. The key to seccess in irregular netting.

You will learn: how to make a padding board; what materials are needed to start your new projest; how to start irregular background netting. General information about background netting.

Irregular background netting step-be-step with clear demonstration throught the recorded video lessons. Project - Flower's Heart.

Chapter 10. 
Modern Irish crochet: shaping Romanian cord into paisley. 

Romanian cord in action. Reversible crab stitch. Irregular Tunisian background netting. Project - "Paisley" applique. 


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